by Isabelle Deslauriers

The story

When I turned 10, I finally got the permission to use my mother's sewing machine. Since then, I started creating products to satisfy the needs of those around me and I have never stopped.

After my studies in fashion design in Quebec City, I moved to Montreal and started working for different clothing companies for more than 15 years. As a designer, I had the opportunity to create different collection for kids, women and men.

One day, a new idea came to me and it is to create a winter jacket collection! However, the synthetic jackets that I created looked nice and warm, but they were never warm enough for my needs. Winter after winter, I continued my search for THE JACKET, the one that would be cozy and elegant while keeping me warm in our winter wonderland. In my ideal world, this perfect jacket would be also 100% Canadian made. 

The concept of my jackets

From that experience, an idea popped up to create DESLOUPS! My brand produces all their jackets in Canada using 100% virgin Melton wool with a quilted Thermolite inner lining for comfort and coziness. Some jackets would have a large collar for warmth, a detachable hood for diversity, pockets for forgotten mittens, inner sleeve cuff and a fitted urban look. 

25 years later, with great pride and hard work, I launched my wool jacket collection! Jackets liked I dreamed of: warm, comfortable and fashionable even in -25 degrees. 

DESLOUPS the only warm wool urban jacket! The ONLY jacket!